Cybersecurity: Disaster Recovery
and Business Continuity

Be Ready for Any Type of Intrusion or Disaster
Through Dependable IT Service.

ongoingIT is a technology-driven IT services company in the San Francisco Bay Area providing full-service cybersecurity assessment, management and recovery. Our experienced technicians can help you identify weaknesses, plug gaps and monitor your systems on site or remotely so you can focus on running your business.

Detect, Respond, and Recover

Cybercriminals enjoy a challenge! That’s why cybersecurity is always evolving, with updates and upgrades continually being offered by software and hardware providers. Still, even with the best planning and latest protection, your systems may get corrupted or compromised.

With expert teams in the U.S. and Europe, ongoingIT is there to detect a problem and respond quickly to avert damage and recover operations and information as soon as possible. Whether the disruption is caused by an intruder or uncontrollable events such as a widespread power outage or natural disaster, getting your business back up and running to serve your clients is our main goal.

Assessing the damage to computer networks and restoring data requires the latest technology and brightest minds – and ongoingIT has them, with more than 50 years of combined experience.

Setting You Up for Quick Recovery

After conducting a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment, we’ll identify proactive ways to back up your systems and set up remote stations.

Business continuity solutions may include:

  • Back-up servers and storage
    Migrating your data and email to the cloud may be the quickest way to access your company’s work from wherever you are. But if you prefer Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) or some other type of back-up system, we’ll find you the most reliable method.
  • Mapping your servers and systems
    On regular intervals, we’ll take snapshots of your servers to document exactly how everything was set up. That way, we can reconnect hardware correctly and quickly.
  • Emergency protocols and procedures
    Do your employees know what to do if they suspect a phishing email? Does company leadership have an emergency plan to manage work processes during a major disruption? We’ll work with you on a step-by-step plan so your firm is ready for anything.

Offsite Detection and Restoration

Using the latest technology, we can remotely monitor your systems, continually checking for malware, errors or disruptions. If we proactively detect a disruption, our restoration team will begin to immediately resolve the issue.

Certified ongoingIT technicians can respond to questions or system alerts quickly. We work as a team to solve problems.
We have a 15-minute guaranteed response time, but the average is just three minutes. During normal business hours, critical issues are guaranteed to be addressed within two hours, and usually resolved within one.

ongoingIT: Your Dependable Cybersecurity Team

When an IT disaster strikes, it’s important to have a professional team that supports your business and your people whenever you need them. With a personal service approach, ongoingIT is here for you, just a phone call or email away. We respond quickly and compassionately to help you get through a crisis.

With ongoingIT, you’ll have a dependable, high-tech business continuity team that will focus on restoring your IT systems so you can focus on running your business. Your company’s information safety and security is our responsibility.

Contact us today to learn how ongoingIT can detect IT problems, respond, and recover your data and systems in the unfortunate event of a cybercrime or other IT disaster.

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Our service area includes businesses throughout the SF Bay Area from our headquarters in San Francisco. If your business is looking for IT consultants in the Bay Area, reach out to ongoingIT for a FREE on-site security and network assessment audit.

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